Fall Lawn Care Tips And Help

Fall Lawn Care Tips And Help
Just a few steps will help keep your yard looking great all year long.

Once a year all those pretty leaves from your trees that have been shading that lawn change color and begin to drop down on your yard. There is much more to do than just rake them up. These steps will also increase your chances of having a healthy, beautiful lawn in the spring and throughout the year.

This is a good basic fall checklist to keep your yard looking great all year long:

1. Keep those pesky fallen leaves off your lawn. Sunlight is essential to the growth of your lawn’s root system. During the cooler months, your lawn is trying to make food. Lawns store food in the root system so that it can continue to grow underground in the dormant season. It needs more food than normal and all the sunlight it can absorb. So clean up those leaves!

2. For some people raking leaves can become a hassle, just convert your leaves to mulch by attaching a leave collection system to your mower, or use mower deck that will mulch the leaves and return them right back to the yard. Mulching mowers will enable you to leave your rake in the garage and avoid bagging. The mulched leaves will provide a nutrient-rich addition to the soil.

3. After a summer of heavy foot traffic, your soil may become compacted, causing your grass to lose its fluffy appearance. You can relieve the ground compaction and add air to your soil by aerating your entire lawn. After aerating, water and fertilize so the nutrients can reach the root system.

4. You need to fertilize about a month before your lawn goes dormant. Fall fertilization provides important nutrients that will help your lawn continue to grow underground throughout the winter months.

5. Reseed in the fall is a great way to keep your lawn looking thick all year long. First, try to loosen the soil to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Next you should water thoroughly for several weeks to settle the soil. After that fertilize and spread seed heavily following the recommended guidelines.

Just by doing these easy steps, you will keep your lawn free of leaves and healthy this fall. You will be rewarded this spring when you lawn pops up more beautiful that ever.

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