How To Clean Silverware The Easy Way

Polishing silverware by hand is a tough job, you’ll be glad to know there are easier ways to get the job done. With one of these two methods you may even be able to salvage silver that has been tarnished completely black.

While mainly used for cleaning mortar from bricks muriatic acid also works well for cleaning silver. With acid-resistant gloves on, dip a piece of very-fine steel wool into the acid and wipe it onto the silver until it begins to shine.

If you want even less of an effort, make a silverware dip using baking soda, aluminum foil and hot water. Sit a 2′ length of aluminum foil into a plastic bucket, and pour 1/2 gallon of hot water over it. Next pour a cup of fresh baking soda into the water. Completely Submerge a piece of silver in the water, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then pull out the silver, rinse it, and allow it to dry.

This method will remove many stains from sterling silver silverware, but to remove stubborn tarnish try adding a teaspoon of salt to the mixture and boiling the pan–with the silverware in it–for 2-3 minutes, making sure the water covers the silverware throughout the boiling cycle.

These methods are safe for most silverware, but for valuable heirloom pieces, you may want to consult an expert or have the silverware professionally cleaned, just to be safe.

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