How To Drill A Hole In Ceramic Tile

Replacing a tile can be a long and tough job. Save yourself the trouble by taking your time when drilling a hole in a tile.

Whether it is hanging a pitcher on a tile wall or adding a new bathroom fixture sometimes your only choice it to drill a hole.


You must drill slowly so use a variable-speed drill with a glass- or tile-drilling bit. Some bits have spear shapes and others will look like traditional twist drills. Either type needs to have a tungsten carbide-hardened tip. To keep the bit from drifting as you start, scratch a small X into the tile with a machinist’s file or glass cutter. Run the drill at a very slow speed and you must lubricate the tip of the bit as you go with antifreeze to keep the temperature down. After drilling through the tile, change the bit if you want to bore into the wood.