How To Fix A Squeaky,Creaky Or Noisy Floor

Wood FloorSqueaks can be annoying but rarely do they indicate major problems. They usually occur when a board rubs against a nail or another board.

You can permanently fix your squeaky floor a few different ways. If you have hardwood floors you should first try to fix the problem from the bottom. Get a helper to stay in the house to step on the squeaky spots to help you locate them from under. When you find the exact spot of the squeak use a wood screw with a washer that will only reach half way into your surface floor to tighten it down in loose spots. You can also use small annular-ring finishing nails from the top after you have predrilled a hole.

Floor Squeak

If the squeak is between the joist and the floorboard you can lightly tap shims into the gaps to stop the noise. If there are big gaps  the joist and the sub-floor you can use a cleat to pull the flooring down tight. This will usually prevent noises at that contact point and on down the joist. It will also prevent bowing in the future.

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