How To Fix And Repair Grout In The Bath

Dirty Grout Almost all tile surfaces have grout. If your grout is not cared for it deteriorates over time and looks bad. Luckily, it is pretty easy to fix. These directions are geared toward fixing small patches of grout but it is possible to remove all of the grout in a shower or tub, for instance, and re-grout it. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to do.

  1. Pick the grout lines that you need to be repair. Sometimes they will look crumbly, other times the grout will become completely stained.

  2. Use a grout saw and, with a sawing motion, remove the damaged grout. At least remove the top layers of grout. Make sure that you remove all or the damaged grout. If the grout lines are too small for the grout saw you can try using a utility knife. Use a small brush to remove all or the loose grout and dust.

  3. Its best to let the newly exposed grout dry. Give the grout another complete brushing and then fill in the joints with pre-mixed grout. You can wet your finger and use it to force the grout into the joint. Use just enough new grout to bring the grout to the level of the existing grout. Get the joint as smooth as possible and leave no gaps in the grout.

  4. The excess grout will begin to form a whitish haze on the tile. You need to clean it up. Use a damp sponge and lightly wipe away the excess. Do not to disturb the grout in the joint. It has not set up yet and if you wipe hard across it, you will wipe the grout onto the tile. Take a cloth and polish away the excess grout.

  5. The grout should dry for 48 hours before exposing it to moisture. It is normally best to seal the grout with a silicone grout sealer if the grout dose not have a sealer in it. Check the container to see.