How To Get The Most Amount Of Tomatoes From Your Plants – High Yield Video

big tomato harvest

This video will teach you how to get the highest yields of tomatoes from every tomato plant. Gardening is fun but getting the biggest vegetable harvest is what you want when trying to feed your family well. Following these steps will greatly improve your tomato production.

1. Purchase the correct plants for your area. Chat with the local university agriculture extension for help with that.
2. place plants on their sides so to get an upwards bend.
3. Make a trench in the soil and bury all but the top 1/3 of the plant.
4. Add 1/4-1/2 cup slow release fertilizer, like cotton seed meal, or Tomato-tone, to the trench.
5. Build a 6 foot high 2.5 foot diameter cage around each plant.
6. When starting cover the cage on the sides and on top with translucent plastic to protect from wind and weather until tomato plants are big and strong or the weather turn warm.
7. Each week apply a diluted water soluble fertilizer, such as Rapid Grow or Miracle Grow, to the leaves.
8. After tomato plants have set their first bunch of fruit, side dress with two to three tablespoons of ammonium sulfate and water thoroughly.
9. Harvest tomatoes when 60% ripe to keep the birds from eating the fruit.
10. Store your tomatoes spread out on a flat surface at room temperature. Never store in the refrigerator to let ripen.

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