How To Help Your Garden Survive Hot Summer Conditions With Help From Shade Video

protect garden in summer

This video will help your garden survive a hot summer with the least amount of damage to your plants. Many plant labels state that a vegetable plant requires full sun all day but that is not always the case. Especially if you live in a hot, dry climate that can suck all the moisture out of your garden before the day it through.

Watering your plants early in the morning and feeding them regularly helps. Although plant location and shading in the correct time of day can make a huge difference in the yields you will receive from a well place plant. Use this gardening tips video to give yourself a different way to think when choosing where you plant your zucchini, squash, pumpkins or other so called full sun loving plant.

Don’t let your garden burn up during the heat of summer just because a label on the plant you bought recommends all day sun conditions.

Try using a few of these tips:
Apply mulch, preferably a reflective mulch such as dry grass clippings or pine chips.

Water your garden and shrubs early in the morning and deeply.

Use shade cloth or protective row covers for partial and temporary protection.

Place new transplants within the cover of taller neighboring plants.

I hope these tips will help your garden make it through a hot summer in your area.

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