How To Paint Wood Cabinets

White Cabinets
When painting wood cabinets allow yourself plenty of time because this is a job that shouldn’t be rushed.

To start it is easiest to take all of the doors off the cabinets. Remove all hardware from the doors and store together. You should lightly sand off and bumps or rough edges that might show after painting. Then wipe away any remaining dust.

Aggressively clean the cabinets with denatured alcohol on a sponge to remove any dirt and grease, making sure to get into all the small cracks and curves.primer sealer

Take a foam brush and apply an coat of primer-sealer to all of the surfaces you plan on painting. Primer-sealer will allow you to use almost any type of paint you like. A high-gloss paint is often recommended for cabinets but you can also us a semi-gloss to give a deeper finish. Use a high quality brush for better results and start painting from the center and work your way out. It will take at least two or three coats of thinly applied paint to get good coverage. Make sure each coat of paint is completely dry before applying the next coat.

After everything is completely dry you can reinstall all of you hardware and start enjoying your new cabinets.