How To Repair A Carpet Burn

Burnt Carpet
Carpet burns can give your floor the appearance of being dirty and uncared for no matter how often you vacuum. Spend just a few minutes and get your carpet back in shape.

If your carpet burn is superficial, you should be able to trim off the burnt fiber tips with scissors and use liquid detergent to clean the area. Follow up later by cleaning the area again with a solution of 2 parts white vinegar and 1 part water.

If you have a badly burned small area, use a knife to cut away the tuft of burnt fibers by carefully slicing it off flush with the backing. Get a replacement tuft from a hidden section of the same carpet or scrap piece. Use hot-melt or all-purpose glue to glue it in place. Then to match the height of the surrounding fibers carefully trim the top of the new tuft of carpet.

Larger burns should be replaced with a patch.

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