How To Replace A Toilet Seat

How To Replace A Toilet Seat

Before going to your local home improvement store in search of a new toilet seat you need to measure a few things.

First measure the bolt spacing at where the seat attaches. There is more than one spacing size. Next measure the width and length to get the best fit. If you have a round toilet bowl you can’t come home with an extra long oval seat and expect it to fit no mater how good you think it will look.

Toilet seat bolts are usually hidden under plastic caps. Pop open each cap. Insert a screwdriver into the bolts and unscrew the nuts with pliers if you don’t have the correct wrench size. Some seats have plastic nuts that can be turned by hand and pliers may be unnecessary.

If the bolts are corroded and frozen, apply a penetrating oil, come back the next day, then try again. If the bolts still will not come apart, cut them off with a hacksaw.

Install the new seat and bolts, then finger tighten the nuts. Line up the seat with the bowl and tighten the nuts one-half turn.