How To Stop Noisy Water Pipes

All water pipes create a certain amount of noise when the water is on and its easy to get used to. When pipes are in contact with your house framing, this sound is magnified and can become very annoying.

If this is happening trace as many water pipes as you can and look for hangers and straps that connect them to the house framing. Remove dated hangers and secure the pipes with plastic or plastic-coated straps and hangers. Where pipes go through drilled holes in the framing, stick pieces of insulation or rubber matting between the wood and the pipe.

pipe hanger

Supply pipes make another sound that can be much more annoying called “water hammer”. It is a loud hammering noise whenever a valve is turned off, especially automatic valves in a washing machine or a dishwasher. To reduce the sound go through the previous steps to stop the sounds. If that doesn’t fix the problem, install air chambers at each loud fixture. These devices function as shock absorbers to soften the quick change in water pressure created by a faucet being turned off.

shock arrester

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