How To Store Christmas Holiday Decorations

Christmas Holiday Decorations storage

We all need help putting away all of those Christmas Decorations. Here are some tips.

Lets Get It All Organized!

Putting out all of those pretty decorations is easy. But when it’s time to put everything away, most people feel overwhelmed. How do I organize them you think. Should I throw some of the old things away? How will I keep it all from breaking? These next paragraphs will help you get some ideas on storing holiday decorations so that they’re ready to use next year.

Put Labels On It.

Save time guessing whats in each box the next year. Make sure to mark the box front door wreath or family stockings. Bulky soft items store well in large plastic storage boxes. You can cram a lot into a big box, since there’s nothing to break, and they can be shaken out the next year. Make sure to mark every box clearly!

Store Parts Together.

You will enjoy being to be able to find everything you need in one place when you’re getting out the decorations. Keep the extension cord with your Christmas tree lights. Store your icicle lights hanger with your icicle lights. Keep the hooks with the bulbs.

Put Together A Open First Box.

There are some things you will need for Christmas before other things. You need to get your tree stand out before cutting the Christmas tree. The items I need first, like the tree stand, go in the “Open First Box”. It saves you from looking around for the things you’ll need early in the season, and they’re always easy to find.

Invest In Different Sized Clear Boxes.

I like to store ornaments in clear plastic boxes so that I can see what’s inside. They are also easy to wipe clean. Cardboard boxes break down over time and need to be replaced after several years. The plastic boxes will last longer then your decorations.

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