Jack O Lantern Tips, Tricks, Help And Info

Your Jack O’ Lantern / Pumpkin carving will be one of those memories your kids will keep with them their whole lives. These tips and trick can help you get the most out of your pumpkin.

Pick your design ahead of time and choose your pumpkin accordingly. Choose a pumpkin that is smooth as possible, and free of scratches, dents or gouges, unless you plan to incorporate them into your finished design. The size and shape of your design will determine whether you need a tall narrower pumpkin or a round one.

When you make sharp corners, always remove the saw completely and re-insert it at a different angle. You can make the transferred dots of your pattern easier to see by rubbing flour into them. The flour will fill the holes and turn them white.

When removing cut pieces, push them out from the inside with your finger. To make removing large pieces easier, and to avoid damage to your design, cut them into smaller chunks before trying to remove them.

# Use toothpicks for adding extra features like ears or noses.
# Candles can blow out easily, try using a small oil-burning lamp or liquid candle.
# Try using hanging plant basket to make a great way of displaying jack o lanterns. A wonderfully spooky display is to use several plant hangers of different lengths in a grouping, so that in the dark, it looks like several glowing faces floating in mid air.
# It can be hard to take a photo of your Jack O Lantern. A flash won’t work, but if the candle in the pumpkin is the only light source, the photo will only show the design and not the pumpkin. To show both design and pumpkin, try using a single light source, slightly forward and above of the Jack O Lantern.
# Use a mild bleach solution to wipe out the inside of the pumpkin and it will slow the process of decay.
# Using petroleum jelly to coat the cut edges of the pumpkins will help them last longer. The longer the candle is left burning, the quicker the pumpkin will decompose.
# LED puck lights are a great way to light up your Jack O’ Lantern. One set of batteries will last all month.
# To get the longest display time put them in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator when not out for show.
# Use toothpicks or straight pins to reattach broken off pieces.
# Shake in some cinnamon or other strong spice inside your Jack O’ Lantern to give the air a great smell.

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