Make Deck Boards Look New Again – How To Patio Help

Old deck looking a little weathered and gray? Thinking about replacing the boards? You should try this simple trick to see if you can get a few more years out of them.

Decking materials don’t come cheap. If your deck looks in bad repair, don’t run out to buy new planks just yet. Climb underneath your deck of patio and see how the underside of the planks looks. More than likely, the bottom side of the wood not exposed to the beating rain and scorching sun probably still looks in good shape.

This can lead to a long day, but prying up the boards and turning them so that the weathered side is down and the under side is up can give you years more service out of the same old decking. You’ll be out some hours of hard work and—depending on the size of the deck—around $40-50 for new deck screws and some deck stain.

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