Never Place A Rubber Snake In Your Gutter

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Last week my neighbor was getting gutter covers put on his house. He had the bright idea to put a big black rubber snake in his gutter to surprise the gutter guard installer. It didn’t work out as planned.

It seamed like a great idea to Chuck when he put it in the gutter on the front of his house. The thought of one of the gutter guys screaming like a girl made me chuckle when he called me to let me in on it just after they arrived. I asked him if he really wanted to go through with it because someone could get hurt. He said that the front of his house is so low that if one of the installers fell in the shrubs they couldn’t get hurt. I took his word for it and peeked out my window to check on the guys progress. It looked slow going.

I was in my back bedroom when I heard screaming. I ran out and around the house just in time to see one of the guys throw a hammer right through Chuck’s living-room window. The man who found that big rubber snake was about 6ft 3in and a good 250lbs. When he was pulling some hanging brackets off the side of Chuck’s house he reached over his head and pulled the snake out. It shocked him so much he did a back flip off the ladder and tore a chunk of meat out of his hand when he fell.

Chuck being the dumb butt he is told him that he had planted the snake. When the guy heard that he threw the hammer at Chuck but missed and it went through the front window of Chuck’s house. After a couple of choice words and a few strong finger pokes to Chuck’s chest the installers packed up and left.

We both stood looking into Chuck’s now well ventilated house for a minute of two and them we couldn’t help it and busted out laughing. As Chuck headed to his shed to find some plastic I told him bye. Dude, your on your own after that one.

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