PVC Shower Curtains Pose Big Health Risk

In a report released by the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ), it warns that PVC shower curtains are releasing hazardous chemicals that contaminate the air and endanger public health. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the material of choice for many of the shower curtains on the market today.

PVC shower curtains will be recognized by the strong chemical odor or “new shower curtain smell” that it gives off. Many people claim to like that smell, but apparently that is the smell of 108 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) being released into the air. The CHEJ is pushing for an out right ban of these type of curtains and our providing individual retailers and distributors with copies of their report in the hope that they may decide to voluntarily pull the products from shelves.

Shower curtains are not the only household products made with PVC. Table cloths, back packs, and plastic covers also can use the PVC. Most products are not adequately labeled so it is up to the consumer to be aware of the dangers of possible exposure to PVC.

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