Save Money By Adjusting Window Coverings

Controlling the amount of sunlight that makes its way into your house can make a significant difference in your power bill each month. Use that bright sunny morning this winter to limit the times your heater comes on during the day.

Sun In

Whether you have curtains or shades covering your windows you can adjust them throughout the day to help adjust your homes temperature. Open up your window coverings on the sunny side of your home in the mornings and it will help bring the temperature up and also help jump start your body for the day ahead. Sometime it will cut back the time your heat comes on by as much as 30%.

In the summer keeping those shades on the sunny side drawn closed slows down the heat absorption in a room and really slows the heating process. Its O.K. to get the indirect sunlight from a shaded window because your floors and walls aren’t soaking in that heat from the sun.

Using this practice in a smaller home on a daily basis can make up to a 25% power saving say some experts.

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