Simple And Easy Way To Clean Grout

bath-grout-cleaning Using a basic mold and mildew cleaner on your tube or shower grout occasionally will help keep your walls sanitary. But just your basic cleaning won’t get your grout to sparkle.

At least once a year you can try this to get that extra shine out of your bathroom grout. Just make yourself this cheap homemade grout cleaner. Spray a 50-50 solution of chlorine bleach ( Clorox ) and water onto the dirty grout. Just don’t try this on colored grout. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Using a grout brush wet with clean water, brush to remove excess bleach and build up. Blot up with a dry, clean cloth.
You can also water this solution down to a 25% bleach mix and wipe down the tile surface to give it an extra shine. More grout cleaning tips.

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