Video Of How To Grow Tomato Plants From Cuttings For Next Season

Grow Tomato Plants from Cuttings

To get a good cheap head start on next year’s tomato crop this video will help you grow tomato plants from cuttings over the winter.

Your first step to growing tomato plants from cuttings (cloning) is to make sure the plant you are taking cuttings from is healthy and has not been affected by disease.

Get a look at your plant where a large branch comes off of the main stem of the plant. Where the branch comes off of the stem forming a “v” there will be new growth. This “start” or new growth is the target of our cutting.

This “start” if left on the plant will continue to grow and produce more branches. It has what is called “nodes” to start blossoms and new branches.

As soon as you cut your start you should dip it in some tepid water. After dipping my cutting into the tepid water I use my razor and scrape the bottom inch of the cutting stem.

Now insert your cutting into the potting soil and lightly mist the cutting with water. When transplanting your cutting outside, bury it as deep as possible and more roots will grow from the stem.

Place plastic bag over top of plant and wait 2-3 weeks for plant to take root.

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