What Type Of Glue Should I Use

Elmers Glue

There are many different types of glue on the market today. If you don’t know what you are looking for you can cause yourself a lot of wasted time by having to go back and do the job again if the glue you chose fails.

Luckily most glues come with a good recommendation for its proper use. Read the manufactures suggestions thoroughly to prevent any problems. If the glue says it is good for everything you should stay away because those glues are usually good for nothing.

Light Repair Glue

If you have broken glassware, ceramics, or plastics a glue composed of cellulose is excellent for this type of task. It sets up to more than half it’s strength in 2 hours and almost full strength in a day. Apply a coat to both surfaces that are to be bonded. This will provide extra strength needed for a task like this. One downside, this glue is water resistant and may require acetone for any clean up.

General In Home Use

Indoor purpose glues are best suited to products made from paper, ceramics, and wood. This glue is usually made from polyvinyl acetate. It sets up in about 8 hours and is dry in 24 hours. This type of glue should be applied in a thin coat on both of the surfaces. Clamp or use pressure of some type to the items for approximately 3 hours to help maintain the proper alignment of the two surfaces. Being water soluble this glue cleans up easily with water and soap.

Strong Bonding Glue

When in need of the strongest bond use epoxy glue. Many outdoor and indoor products work well with this type of glue, including plastic, metal, glass, and wood. Depending on the surface area, this glue can set in 3 minutes or it may take 8 hours. It is dry in 4 to 48 hours from the time applied. You will need to wear protective gloves and work quickly. Mix the two ingredients and immediately apply to the surface. Any spills should be cleaned up while they are wet, using acetone. This glue is super hard, waterproof, and strong.

Instant Bonding Glue

If you have something that needs immediate fixing and the item is nonporous such as rubber, metal, or plastic, super glue can be used for bonding. This glue sets in 5 to 50 seconds, so you have to move quickly when using it. It is completely dry in as short a 1/2 hour or up to 10 hours depending on the surface area. Apply only a couple of drops to the surface, and press the areas together for approximately 25 seconds. Use acetone for cleanup. Super glue is strong and water resistant.